A New Kind of Tea Company

As the idea for The Bamboo Tea Company began to take shape, I quickly realized the need for pure and organic quality products in the market place. In today's world, filled with pesticides, chemicals and growth agents, we strive to deliver the most pure products on to you. That is why 95% of all herbs used by The Bamboo Tea Company are organically grown and 100% of our herbs are certified grown without the use of chemicals. As we continue to expand our business, our standard of care for our customers, and the quality of our products we provide, remains the same. We at The Bamboo Tea Company operate with the highest expectations and standards, where customer service is a relationship, and supplying the finest quality tea and herbs available is our goal.

As our company continues to grow, and in an attempt to always bring the purest form of nature to you, The Bamboo Tea Company has chosen to provide All-Organic Specialty Teas and Products. Did you know that tea is one of the most processed beverages offered today? Even before the tea leaves are processed, they may have been exposed to growth agents in the soil, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and/or ozone treatments. We at The Bamboo Tea Company believe in purity and a higher standard of quality. Over 95% of the herbs, flowers, spices, clays and powders we offer, have been certified organic through USDA National Organic Standards and are kosher certified through OQK. Therefore, all of the products we offer are free from harsh chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, ozone treatments and growth agents, thus ensuring the purest, most natural environment to share with every part of your day. We continue to dedicate ourselves to helping maintain healthy, prosperous families and individuals, while also benefiting our ecosystem. We take great pride in supporting organic agriculture and our ability to bring nature's best right to your neighborhood.

A Blessed Opportunity

The name, The Bamboo Tea Company, seemed appropriate because the bamboo plant can grow and thrive in the harshest environments. Sometimes life can throw us into a harsh environment, but it is how we grow in the midst of it that matters. The All-Organic Specialty Teas and Products we offer, provide one way to maintain a healthy life style and support a sustainable ecosystem. Our world has turned toxic and artificial, full of preservatives and pesticides. Starting The Bamboo Tea Company has become my way of ensuring some things can still be all-natural in all of our lives. We are repeatedly pleased to be blending organic herbs for you, with 100% confidence in their purity and origin. As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to meeting all of your organic herbal needs in the future. Thank you for your support and please don't hesitate to contact us with any comments or suggestions you may have.

From Our Family to Yours,

Casey Nachtrieb, Founder & C.E.O., The Bamboo Tea Company