Always Use Caution

* Always research any plant before you decide to make a tea from it. Just because an herb or plant sounds familiar, that does not always mean it is a good choice for you. When mixing your own blends, or just trying new teas, it is always useful to have a good herbal medicine reference book on hand.

*Read labels carefully. Drug interactions, overdose, side effects and general warnings all apply to herbal medicines as well.

*Follow dosage recommendations, more is not always better. Always start with the recommended dosage and increase only if instructed to do so by certified medical personnel.

*When using any herbal or medicinal products, monitor yourself for adverse reactions. At the first sign of any allergic or adverse reactions, immediately discontinue use and consult your doctor.

*If you are taking Cardiac Glycoside medications, avoid using any herbal products that stimulate your heart or Cardiac Glycosides unless instructed to do so by certified medical personnel.

*If you have surgical procedures planned, including childbirth, avoid using any herbal products that contain leaves of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, or sweet clover several weeks prior to the operation unless instructed to do so by certified medical personnel.

Cautions in Pregnancy

*WARNING! SOME HERBS CAN CAUSE UTERINE CONTRACTIONS OR BIRTH DEFECTS IN CHILDREN IF TAKEN INTERNALLY DURING PREGNANCY! The list below contains herbs that you may find in The Bamboo Tea Company products. Never use any of our products containing the following herbs during pregnancy unless instructed to do so by certified medical personnel.

Angelica | Barberry | Black Cohosh | Cascara Sagrada | Cayenne | Cinnamon | Dang Gui | Elder Bark | Ephedra | Fennel | Fenugreek | Feverfew | Ginseng | Goldenseal | Lavender | Lovage | Motherwort | Mugwort | Nutmeg | Parsley | Sage | Senna | Thyme | Wild Yam

Allergic Reactions

*There is always a risk for individual allergic reaction when using herbal or medicinal products for the first time. If you would like to self-test your body's reaction to an herbal product before using it, try the following. Start with an external test by rubbing a small amount of the product onto a clean area of the skin. If no irritation, swelling or itching occurs within 24 hours, then proceed by drinking a small amount of product (for internal tea products only). If no adverse reactions are experianced within 24 hours after drinking the product, enjoy at the normal recommended dosage.

*It is also common for individuals to be allergic to whole families of plants and herbs. For example, people allergic to strawberries, may also have an allergic reaction to raspberries or rosehips. Those three herbs are all a member of the 'Rose Family' in plants. When trying new herbal or medicinal tea products, it is always important and helpful to be aware of familiar allergies.

Check with your Doctor

*In most all cases of illness, medicinal and herbal products can greatly benefit the relief of symptoms when taken correctly. Although The Bamboo Tea Company offers a variety of medicinal and herbal products, in no way are our products intended to treat or cure any disease. As with any supplement, vitamin or natural product, it is always important to check with your doctor before using a product for the first time. The Bamboo Tea Company strongly recommends always consulting trained and certified medical personnel before using any herbal or medicinal product for the first time.